We do not offer refunds. Credits or transfers are given only for medical or relocation issues. (see details above)

For any returned checks, there will be a $25 bank fee in addition to the original amount due.


The Dance Quarter Community: environment/etiquette

We’re committed to creating a fun and safe learning environment for everyone. This includes respecting boundaries, not tolerating hurtful language, practicing good hygiene, and leaving criticism or critiques to our instructors. Any student found to be making others uncomfortable may be asked to leave at the discretion of management.


How do I get started?

For courses, joining at the beginning of a series is your best bet! If you aren’t sure whether you’ll like a class, take a trial class to start, and if you decide you like it, you can apply the trial fee to the rest of the course.

For drop-in classes, come by any time!

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your first class.

What if I have to miss a class?

Don’t worry if you have to miss a class; there will be reviews of previous material throughout the course and you’ll be able to catch up! There are no makeups for missed classes.

If you have to cancel a registration due to a medical issue or emergency relocation, let us know via email at nolaspaces@gmail.com BEFORE you miss your class or workshop so that we can work with you on a mutually convenient solution. Refunds and credits are granted in extenuating situations and are evaluated on a case by case basis.

What should I wear?

For the Dance Trance or hip hop classes, wear your workout gear.

For the Social Dance classes, people generally wear casual clothes but if they are coming directly from work, they wear their work clothes. The most important thing is that you are comfortable with what you wear. Parties offer the opportunity to dress up, especially Argentine Tango parties and parties with live bands.

The most important part of your ensemble is shoes! Wear shoes that are secure on your feet. Also, avoid rubber soles as they stick to the floor. The less traction you have, the easier it is to dance and you will save your knees and ankles some hardship. We recommend you get a pair of dance shoes after 3 months of dance lessons. If you don’t want to buy a pair of dance shoes, we ask you to get a pair of shoes dedicated to dancing only (a pair you do not wear outdoors). Your teacher will also give you tips for the best type of shoes based on the dances you are interested in.

Do I have to rotate partners in Social Dance Classes?

We advise you to rotate partners, but you don’t have to. Learning the art of Social Dancing includes adjusting to each person you dance with and being able to dance with anyone on the Planet. By dancing with only one person all the time, you will get used to each other’s moves, steps and bad habits. We do understand however that some couples have reasons to want to stay together in the class, and your instructor will respect your wishes.  As long as you are having fun together, that is what matters most.

I have two left feet and no rhythm. Can I still learn to dance?

Absolutely! Dancing is just about changing weight from one leg to the other, like walking. Many people who do not have raw talent, end up working harder and therefore become better dancers.