Nathalie Gomes Adams

Nathalie teaches the performance troupe, Les ReBelles, and teaches private lessons in swing and Lindy Hop.


Giselle Anguizola

Giselle Anguizola has twenty years experience in the swing dance community teaching, performing and organizing events to help preserve vintage jazz styles.  She's passionate about jazz music and performs with two local bands, "The New Orleans Swinging Gypsies" and "G & The Swinging Three".   G loves working with the community, spreading her passion for live music and dance.  As an active yogi, she offers flow vinyasa yoga - open to all.  


Ray Armant

Ray teaches group classes in salsa on 2 and private lessons in salsa, cha cha, bachata, and other Latin dance styles.

Jana Blakes

Jana teaches group classes in Salsa on 2 (NY style) and private lessons in salsa and bachata.


Katarina Boudreaux

Katarina teaches group classes in zydeco, tango, and country dancing, and private lessons in ballroom, swing, Latin dances, and more.

Gabriel Cavallini

Gabriel teaches group classes in Balboa, Lindy Hop, Swing Dance Sampler, and Rock n Roll and private lessons in those dances plus other swing styles and country dancing.

Lori DeLeon

Lori teaches the performance troupe, Les ReBelles, and teaches private lessons in swing, balboa, and choreographed dances.

Shanda Domango

Shanda teaches group classes in hip hop and private lessons in Hip Hop and choreographed dances.

Rubia Garcia

Rubia teaches group classes in Salsa and private lessons in salsa and bachata.

Ector Gutierrez

Ector teaches group and private classes in Argentine Tango.

Alyssa Haney

Alyssa Haney holds an MA in Dance from the University of North Carolina-Greensboro and a BFA in Dance and History from Tulane University. She teaches dance at Loyola University, is the Dance Coordinator for the Loyola Preparatory Arts Dance Program, and teaches private and group ballet classes at Dance Quarter. She is an experienced teacher in a variety of dance styles, including ballet, pointe, jazz, modern, contemporary, and yoga. 


De'Jon Polanski

De’Jon teaches group and private classes in bachata, salsa, and kizomba.

Jess Leigh

Jess teaches group and private classes in Dance Trance.

Roxie LeRouge

Creator of New Orleans' first touring show, which is hitting it's 6th year mark, Roxie has brought BIG DEAL BURLESQUE to hungry cities giving them a first time experience they will never forget. She has taught hundreds of women about the fundamentals of Burlesque and has made it her mission to inspire confidence and positive body image. She also currently performs in several running shows in New Orleans including Fleur de Tease, Burgundy Burlesque, Burlesque Ballroom and Comic Strip among others. Known as one of the "hardest working ladies in New Orleans' Burlesque," "the Best Booty in the Big Easy," is always ready to deliver a uniquely show stopping performance!

Olandra Lickter

Olandra teaches Blues dancing private lessons in blues as well as in swing styles.

Iman Marshall

Iman teaches group and private HEELED classes.

Alexander Rowe

Alexander teaches group lessons in Swing, West Coast Swing, and Lindy Hop, and private lessons in those dances as well as in ballroom styles.


Paul Schaefer

Paul teaches group classes in partnered Charleston and private classes in swing dances.

Meghan Stewart

Meghan teaches private lessons in belly dancing.


Byron Stuart

Byron teaches group classes in Blues and Balboa, and private lessons in swing dances.


Alexander Thomas

Alexander teaches group and private lessons in ballroom styles.

Lindsey Zan

Lindsey started dancing ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, modern and lyrical when she was three and was first introduced to partner dancingseven years ago in San Diego where she learned Samba and Cha-Cha at Mary Murphy’s Champion Ballroom Academy. Since moving to New Orleans, she has intensively trained in Argentine tango and has traveled the world to take lessons from master teachers. Lindsey is a lifelong learner of dance and has continued to expand her training in partner dance including west coast swing, salsa, rumba, east coast swing, lindy hop, blues, foxtrot, and waltz. Although Lindsey's specialty is Argentine tango, because of her well-rounded dance background she also teaches private lessons in the foundations of most partner dance styles making her a great option for wedding dance couples..

Sergio Zelaya

Sergio teaches group and private lessons in salsa and bachata.