Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango is a Latin social dance which originated in the working class neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. It is marked by a close embrace and dynamic lead/follow relationship between partners. The music is distinct, and includes orchestras from the Golden Age led by Troilo, Di Sarli, and Donato.


Bachata is a Latin social dance which originated in the Dominican Republic. It is an 8 count dance which moves within a square. Footwork and embrace are key elements, as well as interpretation.


Balboa originated in Southern California in the 1920’s. It is danced in close embrace and has strong lead/follow which allows dancers to emphasize rhythm and musical subtleties. It is often used to dance to super quick music, or in conjunction with other swing styles.

Cajun Waltz

Cajun Waltz originated in the late 18th century in South Louisiana by predominantly French speaking immigrants. Danced to three-four time, the music is marked by use of the fiddle and Cajun accordion. This music and dance was developed for fais do-do, social get togethers on a porch or dance hall, and covers the space.

Country-Western Dancing

Country-Western Dancing has grown from reels, quadrilles, square, and round dancing. It is danced to Country music, and constructed to be progressive around the floor. The steps are gliding, as boots are the most popular footwear. It is informal, has little hip motion, and a definite lead/follow pattern.


Hip Hop combines interpretive street dance styling with hip hop music. It includes Breaking,
Locking, and Popping.

Lindy Hop

Lindy Hop originated in Harlem in the 1920s and 1930s and developed alongside swing jazz. It incorporates a swing out, or breakaway, and can be used in conjunction with other swing styles.

NOLA ReBelles

Les ReBelles is an all-female performance troupe. Les Rebelles NOLA celebrate La Liberation de la Femme… Think 1920s Flapper, 1960s Gogo, turn of the Century French Cancan... All that, with a French twist!

Rock N Roll

Rock N Roll is a social dance variation on swing dancing with syncopated triple steps. It is danced to quick rock music.

Salsa on 1

Salsa is a social Latin dance originating in the Caribbean. Danced to old and new Salsa music, it incorporates stylistic flair, spins, fancy footwork, with the initial movement falling on 1.

Salsa on 2 (NY Style)

Salsa on 2 is social Latin dance popular in New York and elsewhere where the initial movement falls on 2, allowing for different patterns and accents to occur.


Swing is an umbrella term for a group of social dances that developed with swing jazz music in the 1920s through 1940s. These include Lindy Hop, Collegiate Shag, Charleston, and Balboa.


Zydeco originates in southwest Louisiana. It is a partnered social dance comprised of small sideways steps. It is danced to Zydeco music, which is a blend of blues, creole music, and rhythm and blues. The rhythm that is most prominent follows the vest frottoir.